Complete list of United Thank Offering Grants, 1883-2016

1883-2016 United Thank Offering Grant List

UTO Grant numbers by Diocese 2016



2 thoughts on “Complete list of United Thank Offering Grants, 1883-2016”

  1. I am the UTO coordinator for Christ Church in St Michaels MD. I have been asked by a member of the parish what percentage of the money given to UTO goes to grants and what percentage goes to marketing and administration. I did not know where to find the answer to that question. Please provide those percentages. Thanks.

    1. Dear Esther,
      Every penny collected from the Ingathering goes to grants. Blue Box money is all for grants. All travel and administrative costs are paid out of memorial and trust funds set aside specifically for that purpose.

      Thank you for asking for that clarification, it is a very important one. If you have other questions, please contact our missioner, Heather Melton, at We will put you in touch with your province representative, Joyce Douglas.

      We invite you to Friend us on Facebook:

      Thank you for your ministry!

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