The Top 10 Reasons The United Thank Offering is good for stewardship in your parish:

10: The United Thank Offering invites people into the practice of prayerfully giving thanks each day.

 9: The Blue Box is a reminder that giving is not just about budgets, but about community, compassion and love.

8: Through the real and tangible act of putting coins in a box, the UTO helps to reshape how we view and value money, and helps us see how God can use our gifts for the Kingdom.

7: Offering prayers and dropping coins in the Blue Box is something all ages can do—a great way to teach our littlest disciples how to give thanks and how to give.

6: Being a daily practice, the United Thank Offering encourages people to make giving a habit, rather than an event.

5: Each day, the United Thank Offering invites people to be generous with a little and this then helps them to also be generous with a lot.

4: The United Thank Offering works to teach people that giving, and indeed stewardship, is a spiritual practice, not simply “something we do.”

3: Just as the mustard seed grows into a large plant, the Blue Box reminds us that a little easily grows and multiplies. Pennies and quarters become hundreds and thousands and millions of dollars.

2: With the United Thank Offering, teaching about giving and stewardship can happen anytime of the year—not just during stewardship season.

1: Our change changes lives, and that goes for everyone!

Stewardship and UTO docx

Stewardship and UTO pdf