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UTO_Logo6.19.17United Thank Offering (UTO) is a ministry of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church. Through United Thank Offering, men, women, and children nurture the habit of giving daily thanks to God. These prayers of thanksgiving start when we recognize and name our many daily blessings. Those who participate in UTO discover that thankfulness leads to generosity. United Thank Offering is entrusted to promote thank offerings, to receive the offerings, and to distribute the UTO monies to support mission and ministry throughout the Episcopal Church and in invited Provinces of the Anglican Communion in the developing world.

Help lead a ministry that connects people all over the world through gratitude

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A special celebration in honor of the life of Julia Chester Emery and her work with the United Thank Offering

This September, Julia would have celebrated her 165th birthday. She is best known for the 40 years of her life that she gave in leadership and dedication to promoting the spiritual discipline of gratitude and for tirelessly supporting innovative mission and ministry. For this reason, we want to invite you to spend September focused on the importance of gratitude and grit, as exemplified in the life of Julia Chester Emery.


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UTO as Spiritual Practice

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The United Thank Offering Prayer

UTO_Logo6.19.17Gracious God, source of all creation, all love, all true joy: accept we pray these outward signs of our profound and continuing thankfulness for all of life. Keep each of us ever thankful for all the blessings of joy and challenge that come our way. Bless those who will benefit from these gifts through the outreach of the United Thank Offering. This we ask through Him who is the greatest gift and blessing of all, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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